Why would you want to do a Mystery Shopping?

Wondering whether to start a career as a mystery shopper? Yes, it does sound like a really easy way to earn some cash and free services that you’re otherwise buying every day. For shopaholics, mystery shopping is Eden – getting paid to do what you love to do the most – shopping, and shopping, and shopping….

There are many reasons why you would want to do mystery shopping. For one, mystery shopping is really fun and easy. You need, however, to follow some instructions and ethical guidelines, because mystery shopping is not just a prank played on “bad” staff members. Mystery shopping aims to evaluate the overall performance of staff and how it contributes to the ultimate customer satisfaction. We all realize that customer satisfaction is the main reason for returning clients to create a loyalty core that brings businesses steady profit. Apart from capturing existing customers, good customer service attracts new clients, and that is also very important for companies of all sizes and industries. Mystery shopping is found to help all these small and medium-sized companies that have fluctuating customer satisfaction, but cannot identify the reason. Therefore, these companies are ready to contract you and pay you well for assessing their staff on the premises. 

A very good reason to try mystery shopping is because you can get many of the things that you ordinarily purchase, for free. For instance, one mystery shopping task can ask you to check the gas stations in your area. You then can get the chance to refill your tank two, or three or even more times for free. While you have solid gas expenses, having the opportunity for multiple free gas refills sounds really attractive. Also, you can get free car auto body services, free cosmetic and hairstyle services, and many more. On some occasions, you will be asked to purchase products or use the services of places that you usually go to; on other occasions, you will be able to shop in competitor places – that gives you the opportunity to check the prices and qualities, and refresh your consumer information. 

Getting paid to do mystery shopping is a very strong motivation for many customers to go undercover. Mystery shopping is fun and interesting, and you can expand your consumer choice and information, while expanding your budget. Mystery shoppers from all over the world help companies improve their customer service, and are therefore paid with cash and rewarded with free stuff for providing their feedback.

How Do I Get Paid?

SOS pays promptly.

With every assignment you receive, there is a lead coordinator. Once you have filed your completed report and all of the paperwork, the lead coordinator reviews your report for discrepancies, missing information etc. When your report is finalized, the information is given to the paymaster. Your check will be issued within 30 days of having filed a valid report and all of the paperwork having been received. If you are faxing or mailing information, the 30 days starts on the date received.

We send checks to the last address on file for each shopper. Logging in regularly and keeping your information up to date will help insure that your checks are not returned in the mail. If you have existing bank accounts where we credit your pay please email us.  Smart Money and GCash also accepted.



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